Notes from Media Factory’s research seminar

Media Factory research seminar on 30th of November started with a general presentation of Helsinki Institute of Technology where the seminar took place (

Professor Maija Töyry presented the Media factory research project “Doing Cross Media” and put forward those problems that the project aims to solve. The main case is a larger printmedia company and the study interviews have been going on since spring 2009. The following issues are addressed and problematized: Content, metadata, organizational structures, audience knowledge and business models. The last issue is the most challenging at the moment.

Professor Teemu Leinonen from Media Lab (TaiK) presented new upcoming entities that have been partly developed within the Media Factory context. As part of the MA in New Media programme a new multidisciplinary major study programme called “Game Design and Production” will start  in the year 2010. The plan is to accept 8-10 students to the programme per year. The masters programme is done in co-operation with other media-related institutions within Aalto. A larger co-operative global research network project is also planned, where issues of innovative technologies for an engaging classroom are in focus.

Doctoral researcher Henri Weijo (HSE) from the Doing Cross Media project focused on transmedia storytelling in Integrated marketing communications, and how consumers creating content are changing planning of advertising. One of his major research questions is to find out how transmedia and branding are interrelated.

Research director Niklas Ravaja from CKIR presented the social neuroscience approach, in other words how social cues and enactive fetaures in social media/gaming applications influence people’s emotional and cognitive presence.

Doctoral researcher Jan Kallenbach (TKK) is studying subjective interaction quality, or in other words, people´s interaction experience with cross media. The presentation evoked a vivid discussion about how media and technology affect the experience and how it affects content. Another question that was posed was how we should study the way people are changing their everyday practices beacause of new media solutions.

This was the first seminar where researchers from the two research tracks of Media Factory were discussing their ideas and finding out initial mutual understanding. Although the two research research tracks have somewhat different focus (implementation and new development) there exists knowlegde that is an inspiring source for further cross-fertilization. We are looking forward on how our researchers find new ways of addressing research problems in the near future.

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