Guest talk: Rachel Powers on designing multi-touchpoint experiences Nov 13th at 14:30

We have a pleasure to invite you to a guest talk by Rachel Powers from SF Bay Area, US, who has extensive track record of working with companies on UX design, e.g., she was Head of UX Design @ Apple 2001-2009.

Friday 13th November at 2:30 pm
Aalto Media Factory Auditorium, Hämeentie 135A, Helsinki

The event is free of charge, as SIGCHI Finland events always, and open to everyone! Due to the short notice, you don’t have to register either.

Designing for multi touch-point experience

Designing for every touch point is key to making a memorable experience that spans across the user’s journey. Creating an integrated holistic experiences that span physical, digital, or hybrid, whether delivered via mobile device, wearable, computer, print, physical product, service or something new. By creating integrated multi touch-point experiences; it will not only build brand trust, but ultimately delight the people who interact with it.