Helsinki Photomedia ONE. The First International Helsinki Photography Research Conference

The unit of Photography at Aalto University’s Department of Media intends to build up and establish an international photography research conference that will be organized every two years at Aalto. The plan is path-breaking since there is no international, regularly occurring photography research conference in spite of the worldwide contemporary interest in photography.

The conference will be arranged in co-operation with four Aalto/Media Factory -partners, each having their own interest in photography research.
In the context of the planned conference series, photography is understood in a wide sense encompassing all photographic technologies as well as the professional and cultural discourses and practices around them.

As the initiative of the Unit of Photography, the conference is part of a larger strategic endeavor that aims at internationalizing Aalto’s photography research and relates it to contemporary photography and visual communication. The model and reference point here is Helsinki School, a well-known international brand in the field of art photography.

More info: Prof. Merja Salo Department of Media (AAD)

Decision: 6000€ (12th November 2010)

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