by Anna Muchenikova


“While coaching and “success blogs”

urge everyone to leave the comfort zone,

I dream to finally get into that darn zone…”

HIDEAWAY is an attempt to create comfort zone, a quiet mental space in the hectic digital world. Anna Mu’s art is a shelter from entropy and external chaos, an escape to the internal world. The viral saying goes “Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens” but HIDEAWAY claims the opposite: magic happens inside the human being, within one’s comfort zone. This magic happens at the tranquil moments of meditative contemplation, solitude and introspection. Joseph Brodsky said at his Nobel Lecture: “If art teaches anything (to the artist, in the first place), it is the privateness of the human condition.” And through this privateness and self-reflection, we get our biggest insights. At this life, we come closest to eternity in hushed intimations of it: the cat sleeping on the chair, the snail climbing Fudji, the jellyfish floating in the ocean.

Anna Mu has been strongly influenced, in technique as well as subject matter, by the late 19th-century English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley. She works in a black and white graphic style, using manual conservative techniques: mostly hand drawing with ink on paper. Some of the works are printed with historical letterpress printing method on hand-made paper.

A short biography

Anna Muchenikova is a visual artist, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Anna’s portfolio can be seen online at http://annamu.work. This online gallery exhibits her artworks in chronological order, following works she produced in childhood right through to adulthood. As the artist feels it is of utmost importance to observe a reflection of the passage of time within her work.

Anna has graduated in 2014 from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture Graphic Design MA, and before that did her bachelor in graphic design at St. Petersburg State University.

Alongside with artistic practice, Anna is a co-founder and Art Director of LUK Design studio (lukdesign.fi) (2014–present).