Interdisciplinary Packaging Design Platform – PACK-AGE

Interdisciplinary Packaging Design Platform is a project about creating a new holistic packaging design course, PACK-AGE, by combining knowledge from all three Aalto disciplines: technology, business and design. The project is based on Future Packaging Design study (MF 2010), mapping the possibilities of packaging design and packaging related education in Aalto University.

The course pedagogy utilizes problem-based-learning (PBL) and industry cooperation. Students will work in multidisciplinary groups with future oriented design cases and challenges offered by the industry. Teachers from different Aalto-Schools participate in the planning phase and lecturing during the course. Also external collaboration with other institutes and organizations will be available. The best practices of different interdisciplinary Aalto -courses and programs are utilized together with packaging design and research networks in developing this course and its content. The course will be offered for students studying in packaging related areas in different Aalto schools. The course language will be English.

Media Factory will work as a platform for developing the course pilot. The course structure, content and educational responsibilities will be decided during the spring term 2011 and the course will be advertised for both students and collaborating companies during 2011. The pilot course will take place in spring 2012.

Markus Joutsela markus.joutsela (öt)

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