Internet of Things is already here – the connections are everywhere

Global infrastructure is in everyone’s pockets. This was the starting point for the 3rd lecture in the Internet of Things 2 –lecture series, in which Einar Sneve Martinussen from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design talked about the materials, technology and design, and the relationship these three have with the Internet of Things.

Martinussen has a background in architecture and urbanism and has been working on projects that include visualizations of technology, films and interactive products. His background was also vivid during the lecture, during which Martinussen approached the subject matter through his previous projects, such as the Immaterials: Light Painting WiFi. A project that visualizes the invisible connections in today’s cities.

While we discuss Internet of Things as a future scenario, Martinussen reminds us that it already exists. The challenge lies in the definition, for the meaning of the term ‘Internet of Things’ varies depending on the speaker or the listener. Today’s reality already is, that everyone’s connected one way or another by mobile phones and tablets. Although it seems like the world is at our fingertips with us carrying a search engine and a GPS in our pockets, Martinussen reminds us that we are still limited by the materials we use, and the structure of the connections. The complexity of seemingly even the most simple connected product should not be overlooked.

“In the end, all connections are cables,” said Martinussen.

The next lecture of the Internet of Things -series will be held on Tuesday November 26th by Lorenzo Davoli. The lecture will discuss the presence and participation in the transformation of industrial infrastructures. For more on Davoli’s background, see his profile here.