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The lectures are held at the Aalto Media Factory auditorium. For detailed information on how to find the venue, see the Media Factory’s contact information.

Department of Media (MA NM) students can get credits for participation by writing lecture diary / notes from the lectures + participation in the last workshop session + your own reflection over the subject (Internet of Things). The report should be submitted by the end of May for students to get credits.
For full participation 3 ECTS

Slides of the lectures:
Martin Spindler
Duncan Lamb
Einar Sneve Martinussen
Einar’s presentation contained unfinished projects and work so instead he has provided a link to a similar talk that contained many of the points he made at the Aalto Media Factory.

Duncan Lamb: Haik
Einar Snusse Martinussen: Oslo School of Architecture and Desing, YOUrban, Voy

Internet of Things 1
(spring 2013)