Internet of Things 1 (spring 2013)

This lecture series aims to explore how we design  products and services for “internet of things” by using the lenses of  Trends, Smart City, Infrastructure, Wearables and Gaming.

18.3.2013       13-15    Ilya Baraev – Trends
08.4.2013       13-15    Nordkapp – Urbanflow project
10.4.2013       13-15    Ville Peltola – IBM – Infrastructure
22.4.2013       13-15    Christian Lindholm – Korulabs – Wearables
24.4.2013       13-15    Sami Ronkainen – Rovio – Gaming
13.5.2013       13-15    Workshop / Prototyping session (obligatory for credits)

How do we design for Everyware?
We already have robotic vacuum cleaners, autonomous quad copters, self  driving cars, programmable legos and Nike fuel bands. There are smart  city projects that explores how we use new connected technology to build  a better city life. The “Internet of Things” is a topic in media and it  has been discussed at length in articles and among academics for many years. It is already very much around us and is now finding its way into our everyday lives and conversations.

Examples of “internet of things” are often complex, utilising  advanced technology, sometimes intimidating to a general audience. Many  times products are specifically built for the military or some sort of  surveillance. But products such as the learning thermostat “Nest” and  the “Little Printer” from Berg are changing the perception of embedded  technology and are great illustrations on how this technology can be used for everyday products.

Miniaturisation of technology, open standards and platforms gives us  new and exciting possibilities when designing products and services.  This is a space where we will see radical innovation and perhaps change our behaviour towards technology that from now can have its own autonomy.

What are the possibilities, scenarios, trends and implications of these? And how do we design and develop the next generation of products and services?

The slides for the presentations that were held at the Media Factory in spring 2013:

Urban Flow:
Rovio: Rovio: Games, slides (pdf)

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