Introduction to Wearable Technology

Location: Aalto Media Factory Auditorium & FabLab
Lectures: Sept 22nd & 23rd, 10am-3pm
Workshop: Sept 24th, 10am-3pm

The lectures and workshop introduce participants to the world of wearable technology applied to fabric or any other medium. After an introduction, in which we will see various projects from artists and designers who are working with these techniques, participants will learn to design and develop an interactive fabric piece. We will experiment with flexible conductive materials, basic electronics and some smart materials. We will learn about different types of sensors and actuators. We will study some flexible circuit design techniques and develop a LED controlling device together.


1. Introduction to wearable technology. Project presentation.

2. Basic concepts of electronics: components, circuits, sensors and actuators.

3. Interactivity concepts and techniques in a wearable project. Presentation of various techniques.

4. Develop a prototype.

The teacher Maria Cuevas teaches at the UCM’s Fine Arts School in Madrid (Spain). She is interested in projects relating to art, design, science and technology and is currently developing a creative conceptual proposal around Wearable Computing Art(ifacts). The research focuses on the language of the new models for man-machine interaction and also the analysis and creation of devices related to these mobile technologies.

For more information contact:
Juhani Tenhunen
Factory Manager