Faux – An unique dance work combines artificial parts, electronics and the human body

The dance performance challenges viewers’ imagination to play with a future vision of human body and its union with technology.

The costume design moves from everyday realism to surrealism and playfully looking for new dimensions to being human. How can virtual reality and electronics become forms of social interaction in the future alongside non-verbal and kinaesthetic communication.

Alpo Aaltokoski Company is producing Faux in cooperation with Aalto University’s media factory and the medical rehabilitation company Suomen Ortotiikka & Protetiikka. Making the dance work in a cooperative way makes it possible to experiment with the costume design and take time to research it. The cooperation will give students from Aalto University’s academy of art and design the chance to work in a professional production.

The work was inspired by a course called The Wearable Electronics at the Media Factory in 2011 which the faux working team – Laura Haapakangas (costume design), Timo Muurinen (media artist/sound design) and Alpo Aaltokoski (choreography) – participated in and made the Performance Garment project. This got them interested in researching wearable electronics and the possibilities that it brings to the performing arts.

In the creative process the work has raised questions about the evolution of types of humans. Technological aids and machines (pacemakers, breathing machines, dialysis machines) have helped people live longer for decades and today they are regarded as commonplace in the same way as organ transplants. Thanks to advances in science, “spare parts” can now be grown for people and stem cells can be printed in 3-D.

This is the first time that choreographer Alpo Aaltokoski is participating as a dancer in his own group choreography.

11.4. at 7 pm PREMIERE | 13.4. at 7 pm | 14.4. at 3 pm | 16.4. at 10 am | 17.4. at 7 pm | 18.4. at 7 pm | 19.4. at 7 pm | 20.4. at 7 pm | 21.4. at 3 pm | Aalto University, Media Centre Lume, Studionäyttämö, Hämeentie 135 C.

Buy tickets from Lippupalvelu, 20 € / 10 €

Choreography: Alpo Aaltokoski
Dance: Alpo Aaltokoski, Leo Kirjonen, Jouni Majaniemi, Tuovi Rantanen Esete Sutinen, Heidi Suur-Hamari
Costume and set design: Laura Haapakangas
Assistant to costume designer: Timo Varamäki
Realization of artificial parts: Markku Salminen, Aki Aalto, Aleksi Aalto, Ville Saari
Sound design and composition: Timo Muurinen
Electronics for costumes: Timo Muurinen, Aki Päivärinne
Light design: Ville Mäkelä
Photography: Mikko Raskinen, Sanna Käsmä
In cooperation with: Aalto University Media Factory, Suomen Ortotiikka & Protetiikka Oy

More information:
• Janne Ikäheimo, managing director, Alpo Aaltokoski Company
044 323 3509, info@aaltokoskicompany.fi
• Leena Närekangas, coordinator, Media Factory
050 342 7114, leena.narekangas@aalto.fi