Kickstart – From Ideas to Reality workshop

When: Friday 15 June at 13 − 16
Where: Aalto Media Factory

The goal of the AMF open call seed funding is to give a birth to the nascent ideas of Aalto people. The AMF has funded about 60 different ideas of which some have managed to continue in a form or another, but many are struggling. We want you to know that you are not alone and that’s why we’re organizing a workshop for helping you continue the work you have done. Aalto Fund Rising has promised to share their expertise in finding resources. In the Kickstart – From Ideas to Reality workshop we all can commonly find solutions to funding problems.

How to join?
1. Enroll by the 1st June 2012 at:
(please inform the name of your project, who is/are going to present, contact information)
2. Prepare a short (10 min with discussion) presentation of your work or idea.
3. Present your work/idea in the workshop.

Preliminary program
13 – 15 Presentations and discussions
15 – 16 Kickstarter

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