Lecture series "Human Design or Evolution?" in 2012

Lecture series on DESIGN / ART / SCIENCE: HUMAN DESIGN or EVOLUTION? will be held in Media Factory in January-February 2012. The series is funded by Media Factory. More information: http://humandesign.mlog.taik.fi/. Introduction:


“Is it true that the body in its biological, “natural” state is increasingly becoming old-fashioned? Will science and technology develop smarter bodies? The Human Design or Evolution-series offers 8 unique perspectives in investigating the human and the biological body as the material and subject of art, design, science and technology. Body enhancement, body modification, prosthetics, mind uploading and memory upgrades are keywords in contemporary society’s answers to the demands projected onto the (human) body.

It is evident that our perception and attitudes toward the body are changing. This is visible in the general acceptance of ever more radical modifications and enhancements in the functions and appearance of the body, many of which are evidenced e.g. in media, in art & design, and in theoretical articulations concerning the future of the human species.

Design for a future human has become an emerging area (in the art & design), which is tightly related to advancements in science and technology. This area is not only researching future potentialities of humans, including the development and design of a human body; it also addresses important ethical issues concerning such development. For example, the new field of “synthetic biology” seeks to author or “write” biology by making it a design problem.

Through these observations, we might ask: What is the role and are the responsibilities of a designer, a scientist or an artist in the field and what kind of possibilities does it offer? Further, what kind of humans we will be in the future? And what are the stakes in this game? These are some of the questions what this lecture series is investigating.

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