MediaBizLab roundtable seminar 4.3.

How to raise awareness and have a permanent impact on attitudes and behaviors of individuals, either for societal or business purposes, by utilizing cross-media content?’ You are warmly welcomed to join us for a keynote and roundtable discussions to learn about the ways interactive and social transmedia storytelling can enhance your marketing efforts. Furthermore, we want to consider how media services connect with and support production and business processes. In the event we will uncover interesting case examples and map out best practices from the industry. The theme of our spring 2010 roundtable discussion is ‘the Societal and Business Impact of Media Services’.

It is organized on Friday, March 4, 2011, 13-16 at Aalto University, School of Economics in Arkadia building (Lapuankatu 6). NOTE: please sign up to the seminar through the Form ( – not only by Facebook)

The event will start with a keynote presentation by Juuso Myllyrinne (TBWA, New York) on designing and carrying out high-impact projects utilizing transmedia storytelling. He will present a case study of Keep a Child Alive (KCA) whose transmedia driven ‘Buy a Life’ campaign has been able to raise significant awareness and generate remarkable amount of donations towards an important cause.

Following this, we will host roundtable discussions on five related topics. As you sign up for the event, please indicate your first and second topic of interest as the participants will be assigned to the tables according to their interest and expertise.

1. Designing customer engagement – how to co-create content and value with users in media services
2. Driving popularity of brands and stories – best practices for triggering and managing word-of-mouth
3. Generating revenue – Pricing, revenue models and optimizing the performance of media services
4. Brand participation in media services – branded content and sponsorship of media services
5. User loyalty and implications for revenue stream

Please sign up for the seminar through following address:
The participation is limited due to the nature of the event, so please act quickly.

Looking forward to meet you in the seminar!

Best regards,
The MediaBizLab team

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