Media Factory builds a Fablab

Aalto Media Factory is currently making preparations to open the first Fab Lab in Finland. The idea of Fab Labs come from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) and the concept has spread all over the world within the last six years. The Fab Lab serves as a platform for small-scale digital fabrication, prototyping and innovation. The basic ideas of the Fab Lab concept are easy access, openness and distribution of knowledge.

AMF Fab Lab will serve the whole Aalto community from all six schools, and it will be open to the general public and outside communities at least one day per week. Key areas of the lab will be rapid prototyping, interactive media prototypes, and open design and open hardware. A special feature of the AMF Fab Lab will be an emphasis on interactive physical media prototypes, and electronics and embedded systems. This is also an on-going trend in media design because of the rise of ubiquitous computing, and the largely spread use of cheap micro-controllers.

The AMF Fab Lab will serve its audiences within and outside Aalto University as a platform for research, education, innovation and networking. AMF’s Open call funding will also be available for projects that utilize the lab.

The machinery of the lab will include a computer-controlled laser-cutter, milling machines of various sizes for both furniture-sized and small high-precision parts, a vinyl cutter, a small 3D printer, and all the tools for building and programming embedded electronics.

More news about the AMF Fab Lab will be available during this autumn.

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