Media Factory newsletter October 2009

Dear friend of Media Factory

It is time for us to tell you something about Media Factory’s latest happenings and also give some information about upcoming events.

Networking Through Disciplinary Boundaries

On the 1st of October Media Factory arranged a seminar about the theme “Networking Through Disciplinary Boundaries”.
We were really proud to have Associate Director Martha Russell from MediaX at Stanford University as a guest speaker. You can find her presentation on our website
The local touch was offered by professor Johanna Moisander from HSE, professor Maija Töyry from TAIK and professor Marko Turpeinen from HIIT who chaired the session. Find more information about the seminar and the presentations

Media Factory’s Researchers’ network forum

The following Media Factory’s Researchers’ network forum is arranged on the 12th of November at the University of Art and Design in lecture room 885 on the 8th floor. We will discuss and debate about the subject Public Space Contested. New Media Technologies, Art and Society”. More details about the programme can be found on our website The number of participants is limited to 35. Please register before the 5th of November by sending an email to Mika Elo (melo{ät} In order to facilitate networking, Media Factory is collecting information about media related research done in Aalto University. Please attach to your registration a short description of your current research interests. we would also like you to get acquainted with our invited speakers by reading their blogs:”>

Media Lab OPEN 2009 Symposium

We also want you to notice the following symposium where Media Factory collaborates with Media Lab: OPEN 2009 Symposium (5.-6.11. 2009)
Media Lab Helsinki’s Doctor of Arts Symposium OPEN 2009 in University of Art and Design TaiK

OPEN 2009 is an event for all interested parties who want to understand the ongoing shift from an industrially organized era to an era of networks and social production. The role and meaning of information is changing from a fixed, well-guarded asset to a continuously changing openly shared process. Openness is affecting the relational dynamics between different actors. New ideals, organizational forms and practices emerge. They interfere with older traditions and create a space of conflict. More information at

Digital Innovation Workshop

On behalf of the organizers Media Factory wants to inform that the Digital Innovation Workshop will be held on November 11th 2009 in Tampere (Hervanta, Nokia Innovation Center). This full day event is open to all active digital innovation researchers in Finland. There is no registration fee. This is a national research community event bringing digital innovation researchers from diverse fields of academia together. Please register and submit abstracts at

News from Media in transition

The first educational offering of Media Factory, “Media in transition” (Median murros), a BA level introductory course, is in process. 50 students from the different Aalto schools attend the course. Video recordings of the lectures and other course material can be found on the course web pages (only in Finnish).

On behalf of the Media Factory Project Team

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