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Open call for media projects and activities

About Aalto Media Factory

The Aalto Media Factory is a platform for collaboration and development in media-related research and education within Aalto University. Researchers, teachers and students from all three Schools (Taik, HSE, TKK) of the new University are invited to become involved in the factory’s operations, to develop multidisciplinary research and education, events and activities around the common theme of media along with various external, public and private stakeholders. The Media Factory also provides some state of the art media services to Aalto University in collaboration with the Media Centre LUME at the Aalto School of Art and Design.


In 2009 Media Factory funded two research tracks, Doing Cross Media and Enactive Social Media and Gaming. The two tracks involved approximately 25 researchers striving towards the same goals; to identify new multidisciplinary research themes and to integrate the expertise in media from the three constituent schools.  These two pilot projects gave birth to new research themes and succeeded in creating new multidisciplinary research teams and projects.

In 2010 Media Factory works within a different context. Now that Aalto University is up and running there is a need to increasingly encourage interdisciplinary actions within education and to support the possibilities for young researchers to become more involved with educational development and the transfer of research knowledge into, for example, masters-level courses. Although Media Factory will continue to support research collaborations we also want to enable the creation of experimental, smaller-scale research and education actions. In order to realise these it is our intention to provide support and funding in a flexible and accessible way.  Further details are provided below.

Open call for proposals

Media Factory 2010 aims at funding new media-related projects within the Aalto-university. Projects proposed should be based on new research ideas or practices that clearly add value to the field of media. The evaluation of proposals will happen via a regular, recurring application process for smaller projects (max. 6000€) and two, so-called, pitching events for larger projects (>6000€ max. 25 000€). Deadlines for this Spring are detailed in the application schedule below as well as further information about the submission of proposals.

We strongly recommend that suggested projects have a multidisciplinary basis that would be attractive to participants of all three schools and that they enable practical outcomes through collaborative pilot project efforts within research, education and other related actions. We also value future-oriented projects and themes that may have potential for further development, after the initial support for the pilot phase by Media Factory. We require that every funded project should produce a final written report along with media documentation and/or an audiovisual prototype or demonstration that will be published on the Media Factory website and other official publication channels within Aalto.

For the larger projects a pitching event will be arranged for those applicants who are approved on the basis of their written proposal. During the pitching event the applicant is requested to make a five minute-presentation of the suggested project idea to a review panel. Further details about the pitching event will be provided later to those applicants who are approved for the pitching stage.

Funding cannot be provided for the acquisition of durable equipment, software or sub-contracted services.

Submission and Decision Deadlines Spring 2010

Submission deadlines Decision deadlines
Smaller projects
7th May 21th May
4th June 18th June
Larger projects
14th of May Will be informed at the pitching event

Who can apply?

Academic staff and registered students within Aalto university.


The research proposal should be submitted by sending an e-mail to maria.suokannas(a)  the 7th of May, 14th of May (larger projects) or 4th of June 4.00 p.m. at the latest.

Format of the proposals

  • The first page should show the title of the project
  • The title should be followed by a 150 word abstract and keywords
  • The research proposal should be max. 2 pages  (Font 12, margins 2,5 and single-spaced)

The proposal should include:

  • Background and description of the project
  • Aim and details of the project and time schedule
  • Persons involved, available resources and needed resources as well as the budget.
  • The home department for the project should be mentioned along with names and contact details of relevant administrative staff, as the funding will be paid to a department within Aalto.
  • The name and contact information for at least one member of the academic staff as contact person(s) in relation to the content of the application.


  • Please inform about/negotiate your proposal within your department before submission.
  • Education: Please explain the nature and status of the proposed media course/workshop etc. in relation to education in the home department. It is necessary to describe briefly how the studies will be administered. The applicant should explain how the proposal differs from the other media-related education in the department or in Aalto in general, for example, by utilizing innovative pedagogy or providing education in a new area. The proposed educational project plan should have an emphasis on student mobility, by being open for students from the different Aalto schools, and also include multidisciplinary aspects.
  • Research: We can provide some seed funding for development of new research themes, (project) consortia etc. Funding will be limited to actions that aim to develop new multi-disciplinary media research.
  • Applicants will be required to confirm that their proposal is a completely new item. In other words Media Factory cannot support or subvent existing projects, courses etc.

Judging and notification
The proposals will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Importance of the topic to the field of media development
  • Potential of the proposal as a pilot to create new synergies
  • Freshness/innovation of approach
  • The comprehensiveness of the proposal
  • The extent of future-orientation

In the schedule above you will find the decision deadlines.

For further information please contact Aalto Media Factory’s manager Maria Suokannas

maria.suokannas(a)  +358 505692435

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