Media Lab Helsinki 20th anniversary events

The seminar:

The 20th anniversary seminar focuses on topics currently in the forefront of discussion at the Media Lab. Hot topics, cool guys. The seminar will be held on Thursday 25.9.2014 10.00-17.00 (ending time subject to change) at LUME. Open for all! More information will be updated onto our website later:

20th anniversary Book: Media Lab Helsinki 20 – Hands on with Minds on:
We will launch of our new 20th anniversary book at the seminar. The book is written by Olli Sulopuisto, based on a series of interviews of key figures in the past and present of Media Lab. The covered themes represent topics, which are especially relevant today in the Media Lab.

Exhibitions of New Media projects from the Media Lab:

– Arts lobby & LUME gallery corridor: 20 years of new media – a chronological exhibition of works from the last two decades created by Media Lab students and researchers. Open 17.9. – 1.10.2014, Mon-Thu 8-19, Fri 8-18.

– Design Forum Showroom: An exhibition focusing on recent works by Media Lab students and researchers.
Open 16.9. – 1.10.2014, weekdays 12-18, weekends 12-16.

– Lasipalatsi Akkuna & Tovi spaces: Celebrating 100 years of Finnish Animation the Media Lab way: the creative uses of animation by Media Lab students and researchers. Open 16.9. – 28.9.2014, weekdays 12-18, weekends 12-16.