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FabLab’s First Visiting Artist – Micah Silver

From mid-October to January artist, curator and writer Micah Silver will be immersing themselves  in the Aalto community with a base at the Media Factory’s FabLab. This will mark the beginning of the first research phase of a public art work called One of Many Possible Irreonciliations Between the Finite and the Infinite which will be installed at a large public park in New York City in 2017. The work will use air as a time-based compositional material to re-shape the airflow regime of the Park. Silver began working with air having finished a long phase of working primarily with audio.

The work for the park will take both a rigorous observational/quantitative approach to visualizing the airflows in the park over the period of a year. From the evolution of these  observations Silver will be fabricating a sequence of physical extensions to the park’s trees and landscaping that will replace the inherent, natural change introduced as over a million leaves fall from the many mature trees in winter. At the FabLab Silver will begin to produce prototypes for various aspects of the work’s production and develop the basis for production and do acoustic and airflow testing using Schlieren photography. Silver lives in Los Angeles and holds degrees from MIT and Wesleyan University in the United States.

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