Mobile App Developers Network meeting

The next meeting of the Aalto mobile app developers network will be in Otaniemi on Tuesday May 25th, at 09:15 – 11:15. The location is meeting room Edison (Otakaari 7 A, behind Restaurant Electra).

Guest speakers are Michihito Mizutani and Abhigyan Singh. Michihito was invited in a similar mobile development network in Japan in March and he will share his experiences from there.

Abhi will tell about his recent MA thesis at TaiK Media Lab. “The thesis discusses the existing practices of mobile phone’s use amongst the residents of Indian urban slums, identifies the ‘Human Nodes’ in community communication at an Indian urban slums, presents design opportunities and challenges for community communication services for residents of Indian urban slums, and proposes a design concept called as ‘Asynchronous Voice based Community Communication Service’ for residents of Indian urban slums.”

More information: mikko.villi[at]

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