Mobile Audio Programming seminar in Aalto ELEC

Aalto ELEC, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics will organize a seminar/Postgraduate course on the Mobile Audio Programming with a kick-off on Friday September 16, 09:15-12:00.

The course/seminar is completed by

– presence and active involvement in contact teaching sessions,
– completing course assignments,
– writing a seminar paper on one of the seminar topics,
– presenting the individual work akin to a mini-conference,
– receiving and giving feedback from/to other participants of the seminar.

In addition, the Postgraduate course requires completing a special assignment determined during the seminar. More info about Seminar/Postgraduate course can be found in Noppa, respectively at

– S-89.3580 Audio Signal Processing Seminar (3 cr):
– S-89.4820 Postgraduate Course in Audio Signal Processing P (8 cr):

The potential participants are asked to send a short motivation email to Cumhur . Erkut (├Ąt) aalto . fi latest by Sept. 12 that indicates:

– the most important 3 factors to choose this seminar
– previous audio, mobile, and programming experience
– expectations from this seminar

If they have an app in the AppStore(s) or alike, we’d be interested to know about that, too.

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