Mobile Ubiquity Effects: Communication, Gaming, and Innovation

January 19 – 21, 2011. Media Lab, University of Art and Design, Helsinki

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The seminar and the journal issue both address the issue of a contemporary information culture increasingly living with mobile and moving computation, today distributed, maintained, and developed pervasively enough to generate numerous ubiquity effects and to affect our notions of reality along with our context-awareness and lived experience. These two research activities are thus motivated by the question as regards how mobile computational technics and mediation, as part of a third epoch of ubiquitous computing, is to be approached at once as a geopolitical phenomenon and as something being installed in the Nordic region as such, with a due view to the regionally and nationally specific differences in political constitutions, sets of values, existing practices, and the commonsensical traits of our everyday cultures and forms of life.
More specifically, we call for paper proposals concerned with mobile communication, mobile gaming, and mobile innovation as three broad problematics for a contemporary information culture living on with mobile computing and mediation.

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