Museum Laboratory: the Finnish Pavilion at the Paris World Fair in 1900

One of the great contributions that digital media stands to make is in the preservation and dissemination of the heritage and history of humankind. Heritage should not be seen as a thing of the past but rather as something that is constantly being built in the present, for future generations. Our project brings together education in the areas of 3D content and physical tangible user interface and interaction design and production with the aims of: Providing novel learning experiences for MA and DA students, training future researchers in practice-led methodologies, completing the virtual reconstruction of the Finnish Pavilion at the Paris World Fair in 1900. The reconstruction, that represents a key moment in the history of Finnish design, will combine the latest in technological and design expertise. It will have a showcase as part of the Design Helsinki 2012 activities as well as in future exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

More info: Lily Diaz and Tapio Takala, Aalto university, Derek Fewster Department of History, University of Helsinki and Jukka Savolainen, Design Museum Helsinki
Decision: 18000 € (14th May 2010)

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