New AV equipment available

New additions have been made to Media Factory’s AV equipment supplies.

The new pieces include Kessler Pocket Dolly, Zacuto Cross Fire, Zacuto Z-Finder Pro, Genus ND Fader as well as new firmware update for Sony FS700 and more. You can see the full list of all available equipment on the AV Production Equipment site.

If you want more information on the Zacuto Cross  Fire, our AV-assistant Matti recommends you to check out this video review:

(Zacuto Striker/Crossfire Review from Chris Weatherly on Vimeo.)

The AV equipment can be booked for Aalto related projects, and of course all the fun is free of charge! Whether you only need a white background, or a set of cameras, microphones and lights, we’ll be happy to loan you what you need. See the list of equipment on the site and contact Matti Vesanen to specify your equipment needs.

Once you’ve recorded your material and need to edit, we also provide AV edits –room for you to use. The edits-room has Adobe Premiere as well as Final Cut Pro X for all video editing. The room is equipped with two Mac Pro -workstations with two screens, and also a 24″ HD Wacom pen display.