New ways to explore magazine journalism research!

A brand new, free-for-all database on magazine journalism research was recently opened on our Services-page. Numerous studies on magazines have been conducted in a Finnish academic context. The new database includes for example information on over one thousand Finnish Masters’ Theses, 21 Licentiate Theses and 39 Doctoral Theses. The database also contains references to basic research and to other Finnish and international literature.

“Magazine journalism research typically does not have a joint theoretic background nor established research topics. However by gathering together the research conducted on different subject areas, a versatile and comprehensive insight on magazine press can be formed,” states professor Maija Töyry, the leader of the database project (and also the head of the Media Factory board).

Magazines are very multifaceted: they combine for example journalism, visual design, economy and marketing. They provide excellent research subjects and data for all research disciplines.

“In different academic institutions magazines have been studied from different perspectives, starting from the efficiency of telemarketing to the dustiness of magazine paper, and from online reportages to moral values in comics ” says Nanna Särkkä M. Sc. (Pol.), who works as a research assistant in the database project.

The magazine journalism studies’ database project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Fund. The technical implementation is created by the library of Helsinki University of Technology and Media Factory.

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