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The newsletter includes:

1. The Media Factory Fab Lab
2. Ali Neissi Shooshtari will start as a master of our electronic studio
3. We are looking for a studio master
4. Registration for Median murros course is open until 29.8.
5. Wearable Electronics course starts 19.9.2011
6. Open Call June 2011 funds 12 projects
7. New videos online

We are currently renovating and furnishing our new space in Arabia campus. There will be several spaces available for all Aalto people! If you already want to book a space for this autumn, check the availability of the spaces online: and make a reservation by contacting Mira Mutikainen (ät, or by calling: +358 (0) 50 378 11 68). The spaces available for reservations will be:

An auditorium for 50+ people, equipped for audiovisual presentations
Two meeting rooms for max. 12 people each
A fab lab including an electronic studio

Media Factory will also offer Hot Desks for the use of Aalto community. If you have a temporary need for a desk at Arabia campus, just step in.

We also welcome you to visit the Media Factory kitchen to test our brand new coffee machine!


Aalto Media Factory is currently making preparations to open the first Fab Lab in Finland. The idea of Fab Labs come from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) and the concept has spread all over the world within the last six years. The Fab Lab serves as a platform for small-scale digital fabrication, prototyping and innovation. The basic ideas of the Fab Lab concept are easy access, openness and distribution of knowledge.

AMF Fab Lab will serve the whole Aalto community from all six schools, and it will be open to the general public and outside communities at least one day per week. Key areas of the lab will be rapid prototyping, interactive media prototypes, and open design and open hardware. A special feature of the AMF Fab Lab will be an emphasis on interactive physical media prototypes, and electronics and embedded systems. This is also an on-going trend in media design because of the rise of ubiquitous computing, and the largely spread use of cheap micro-controllers.

The AMF Fab Lab will serve its audiences within and outside Aalto University as a platform for research, education, innovation and networking. AMF’s Open call funding will also be available for projects that utilize the lab.

The machinery of the lab will include a computer-controlled laser-cutter, milling machines of various sizes for both furniture-sized and small high-precision parts, a vinyl cutter, a small 3D printer, and all the tools for building and programming embedded electronics.

More news about the AMF Fab Lab will be available during this autumn.

2. Ali Neissi Shooshtari will start as the master of our electronic studio

In connection with the Fab Lab we will open a small electronic studio facility. It will be build up with the help of the Design Factory. Ali Neissi Shooshtari will start as the master of the studio at the beginning of September to help and guide in the problems concerning electronics. Teemu Ronkka from Design Factory will be backing up him in his work.

3. We are looking for a studio master

for the period of 1.10.2011-31.7.2012. The work will include the development of the Fab (3D printers, laser cutter, CNC machine), training of the users and the maintenance of the studio and workshop equipment. Those interested, please find more information at

4. Registration for “Median murros” course is open until Mon 29th Aug

The “Median murros” (Media in Transition) bachelor level course is be organized for the third time this autumn. The course consists of lectures that discuss the transition from traditional media to new media from various viewpoints. To argument their own experiences with the matter, students make short video assignments in multidisciplinary groups. The course is open for all Aalto students and is taught in Finnish. The course registration is still open for few days in WebOodi, until Monday 29th Aug.

Course pages:

5. Wearable Electronics course starts 19.9.2011

Wearable electronics is a rising new field of art and design, and also the topic of an upcoming cross-disciplinary course organised this autumn in collaboration between Aalto University and the Muu Artist Association. The course is facilitated by Aalto Media Factory and attended by costume and textile design, as well as new media students from Aalto School of Art and Design, in addition to a number of professional artists from Muu.

Electronics and sensors allow artists to create interactive smart garments that produce sound and images in reaction to movement. They sense and communicate with the environment or react to it, and send online messages. As the term ‘wearable’ suggests, such artworks are carried by the user, thereby interacting with the environment. The course focuses on the use of wearable computing and electronics in art. This broad and varied field provides new opportunities for artistic work and for the creation of multi-disciplinary art projects embracing media art, costume design, fashion design, and engineering.

More about the course:

6. Open Call June 2011 funds 12 projects

Altogether 21 proposals arrived before the Media Factory Open Call June 2011 deadline. 12 of these projects were awarded with funds and a total of 157 k€ was allocated to them (in random order):

Human design or evolution? (Laura Beloff)
Gesture Watch (Chi-Hsia Lai)
Layered locations (Henrikson)
AaltoWindow (Jari Kleimola)
New Generation of Surveys – Mobile Media Influenced Virtual Research Tool (Inka Kojo)
Exploring participation and physical human-human interaction in collaborative music performance, new media and education (Roperto Pugliese)
AtWink II (Petri Saarikko)
Photomedia One II (Merja Salo)
Aalto on Waves (Adalgisa Santos)
Designing a Web Service for Cultural Heritage Communities: oMu (Ferhat Sen)
WeStyle (Tuukka Takala)
Communicum (Mikko Villli)

7. New videos online

We have two new videos online, the first is about the computational photography theme at this year’s Pixelache festival which presented, for example, course works from the ‘Experimental Project in Computational Photography’ course organized by Media Factory:

The second video is a report from the DMY Design Festival that took place in Berlin this June. This year’s DMY festival was focused on Finland, in anticipation of Helsinki’s World Design Capital nomination for 2012.

Have a great autumn!
The Media Factory Team

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