Newsletter / Oct 2010

Dear all,

October is the time to plan the activities for next year. We are doing it too, and we would be happy to hear your ideas about what kind of environment Aalto Media Factory should be. In any case it should be something above and beyond the basic activities of the departments and units of Aalto. Please don’t hesitate, tell us your opinions.

But before next year, there are lots of things happening:

Open call for project deadlines are 12 and 26 Nov

Open Calls are one of the means of Aalto Media Factory to find what “new” is in the air in the Schools of Aalto University. We will have another two calls this year. The deadline for the small projects (6000 €) is on Friday 12 November and for the large projects (25000€) on Friday 26 November. All the Aalto University personnel and students are welcome to apply. Please find the more detailed instructions from our web site:

From this autumn’s first two calls we got all together eight applications:

Three projects were granted 6000€:
– The Cooperation with Advertising Agencies (contact person Heikki Nuutinen),
– CITY SETS – multi-linear urban identities (contact person: Marja Seliger)
– Sosiaalinen media koulujen opetuksessa (contact person: Risto Sarvas).

Two projects were granted 25000€:
– The Game Experience Pattern (Contact person: Ben Cowley)
– The Great Conspiracy Opera (GCO, contact person: Mika Tuomola).

More information on our website:

Upcoming events

Impacting the Bottom Line with Media Services – MBL seminar
23 Nov 2010, Aalto University School of Economics, Assembly Hall (Juhlasali)

The theme of MediaBizLab’s second seminar on media services is monetization. Topics to be covered are transmedia storytelling, social media marketing and sales, and revenue models. There will be inspirational encounters with the students of MediaBizLab during their poster session in which they will share insights on current trends in media consumption, consumer cultures, and business models.

City-sets – visual urban identities
15 -16 Nov 2010, Media Centre Lume, Sampo Hall

City Sets is a metaphor that refers to cities as stages where passers-by are seen as actors. People with different motives come to cities to live, work, do business, spend free time and meet other people. The City Sets seminar takes a look into these identities and narratives of cities as portrayed in visual practice, research and new media. Participation to the seminar is free, but registration is required before 5 Nov 2010.

next(con)text seminar on typography
18 Nov 2010, Media Centre Lume, Sampo Hall

For over the past five hundred years, typography has been bound to paper, to the printed page. Not anymore. A growing part of our communication happens in the electronic world of the Internet, and more and more of the typography we read is pixels instead of ink. Our one-day seminar will cover several of the key issues of the future typography. There will be a diversity of speakers: some concentrating on technical issues, some on the aesthetic aspects of type and some even covering both.

Magazine Symposium

1 Dec 2010 (registration starts 1 Nov 2010)
Aalto University School of Art and Design, 8th floor

The topic of morning program is Magazines as research field (Aikakauslehdet tutkimusalana). Afternoon program is about Magazines and e-reading. The morning program is in Finnish and afternoon program in English. Registration in required to the afternoon program.

Computational Photography course and Pixelache Festival

Media Factory collaborates with Pixelache Helsinki 2011 Festival to organise an Aalto University course and a thematic area to the festival on computational photography, a new area which brings media technologists and artists together. Today’s digital cameras are increasingly tools for programming instead of merely recording images. This gives rise to both expanding the capabilities of the camera and inventing new modes of visual expression.

Spot On seminar recording available on YLE Areena

The Spot ON seminar gathered an audience of about 160 people at Media Center Lume’s Sampo hall. If you missed the event, you have still change to see it on YLE Areena (There are two video clips, before and after the lunch break. The program of the event can be found at

Best wishes,
in behalf of the Media Factory Team

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