Next Researchers’ Breakfast at Design Factory Nov 11

Welcome to the Researchers’ Breakfast at Aalto Service Factory on Tuesday November 11th!

Researcher Riitta Perälä from the Department of Design will start at 9:00 with a talk about engagement with media as everyday practices and experiences. The second speaker of the morning, Alf Bae from Hongik University, Seoul will introduce his research on how social context influence product service system design. Alf’s turn is at 9:40.

Breakfast is served at between 8:30 and 10:30. You are warmly welcome to join us to enjoy breakfast, presentations and open discussion on the topics. We also welcome people outside Aalto!

Please sign up here by November 8th.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Aalto Factories (Design, Health, Media, Service), ARTS Research Institute , Research support services and Aalto International Relations.

AT 9:00
Department of Design
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Much of academic audience research focuses on one medium or genre, such as news. This research examines media use from holistic perspective. People’s personal media landscapes reveal which media are used for same purposes, and why specific titles are considered more engaging than others.

Media engagement is often addressed from the publishers’ viewpoint as something that can be measured, such as clicks or time spent with content. Instead, here engagement is examined as everyday practices and experiences, such as habits, rituals, usefulness and emotions.

Readers have clear roles for their magazines, and if magazines fail to fulfill that role, the readership construct is reconsidered. Traditionally habits are considered strength for the publishers, but in the contemporary fragmented media environment titles are easily replaced.

AT 9:40
International Design School for Advanced Studies
Hongik University, Seoul

Often same purpose Product-Service System (PSS) can be implemented in another society differently. Because societies have different socio-cultural issues, social norm and law, public systems have been evolved in a specific way for a society. One of factors for making such a difference is a social trust level.
Designing a PSS in a social context is a kind of wicked problems. Society is ever changing and dynamically evolving. Many PSS designing problem have to be faced with conflicts in a social context. To design a PSS, designers need to set a social trust level assumption about how users will behave as expected or not. Therefore designer needs to consider stakeholder normal usage, and stakeholder abuse of the system for designing a PSS.

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