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Seminar on typography and type, Media Factory & Department of Media
Lume, Sampo-sali, 18th of November 2010

For over the past five hundred years, typography has been bound to paper, to the printed page. Not anymore. A growing part of our communication happens in the electronic world of the Internet, and more and more of the typography we read is pixels instead of ink. The screen  be it laptop, TV, tablet, e-book, mobile  is the next context for text. What does this paradigm shift mean? Should we re-think typography? Which are the new kinds of fonts to be used? Which are the new kinds of font licenses for Web page use?

Our one-day seminar will cover several of the key issues of the future typography. There will be a diversity of speakers: some concentrating on technical issues, some on the aesthetical aspects of type  and some even covering both. Jukka K. Korpela, a researcher and writer, whose book on web typography and layout is soon forthcoming, presents the possibilities of web page layout and typography. PhD researcher Harri Heikkilä is going to talk about e-readers and different ways of producing content and visuals for screens. Teemu Suviala, creative director of Kokoro&Moi, presents creative ways of doing typography on the Web. International speakers include the legendary type designer Gerard Unger, especially famous for his work on legible typefaces for newspapers, like Coranto, Gulliver, and Swift; and Peter Bilak, a pioneer in extensive OpenType fonts for wide range of languages as well as a forerunner in web fonts. The third type specialist is Sami Kortemäki, the graphic designer of the year 2010 in Finland, our own type star of Underware, the makers of fine-tuned, popular fonts like Liza, Sauna, Auto, and Bello. Saku Heinänen, designer and lecturer of Aalto University, acts as the MC for the event.

The seminar is intended for professionals in design, publishing and advertising as wells as for researchers and of course to all students interested in these areas. The day includes morning coffee, a light lunch and afternoon coffee.

For more information please contact Saku Heinänen saku.heinanen ( a )

The link to our registration form will be available as from August

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