Open Design Italia 2012 call for applications open

The third edition of Open Design Italia – Italy’s major showcase of self-produced design – will be held in Venice on November 23-25, 2012. The call for applications to participate to the third edition of the initiative is online on

Open Design Italia is an international contest-exhibition-market exploring the field of self-production and allowing selected designers to exhibit and sell their objects directly and with no mediation. The main aim is to promote new ways to approach design which combine creating – to say thinking and designing – with producing. Since 2010, OpenDesignItalia has served as a privileged partner to promote the collaboration between local designers, companies and makers, thus favouring the creation of networks among different subjects in the supply chain and enhancing the sustainability in the production process.

In continuity with the two previous editions, the application and selection processes are unvaried. What changes in OpenDesignItalia 2012 is the location: as a result of the new important partnership with Nordesteuropa Editore, Open Design Italia 2012 will be held in Venice in the area occupied by Magazzini Ligabue. The event is scheduled on November 23-25 as part of the 2012 edition of Venezia2019-European Culture Forum. Curators of the initiative are Elena Santi, architect and founder of Open Design Italia, Laura Succini, architect, and Alan D’Incà.

Open Design Italia 2012 will also be an occasion to further strengthen two major partnerships: firstly, the collaboration with economist Stefano Micelli, professor at the University of Venice and author of Futuro Artigiano (Future Making), an advocate of self-production who explains his interest as follows: “Whoever has closely approached the phenomenon of self-production would consider it as a new reference in the “creativity chain”, as a new way of managing offer and supply if compared to the way culturally-dense objects are usually produced and distributed […]. We came to realize that the process of making helps thinking and designing alternative – and often unusual – solutions, as well as undertaking innovative paths and imbuing otherwise serial objects with humanity”.

The second major partnership is with monthly magazine Ottagono, whose aim is to investigate on a national and international level as well as to promote innovative practices in the field of design and architecture.
The call for applications for Open Design Italia 2012 is available online at

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