Open meeting about Media Factory Tokyo

“Media Factory Tokyo” is a Media Factory project for developing a support system for collaborations between Aalto and Japanese partners. We are working with the iii (Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies –– Joho-Gakkan in Japanese) of University of Tokyo (in short: Todai), an interdisciplinary unit that resembles the Media Lab in many ways, and that has teaching and research interests that are very interestingly compatible with people from many different departments in Aalto.

We have an open meeting for staff and students on Monday 17th of september at 12:00 at the 4th floor lecture room (4319) in the Media Lab, where you can hear about the status of the plans from Kari-Hans Kommonen and meet with professor Shin Mizukoshi from iii.

Please join us! The MF Tokyo plan might make it possible for you to also develop a Japan-related project, so if we know about your interest now, we might be able to design our plan to support it. In the meeting you would be able to hear from prof Mizukoshi about Todai and Joho-Gakkan, and the various people and areas of research and teaching there. If you are unable to join now, please send an email to me (kari-hans.kommonen ät in any case, so that we can take your interest into account, maybe arrange a meeting at another time, and keep you informed of the Media Factory Tokyo developments!

[Note that we will start at 12 in the lecture room, but if there are not very many people, we might move to one of the restaurants to continue over lunch, so please come early or email or sms me at +358 405010729. If we move forward, we will leave a note about it on the whiteboard.]