PACK-AGE course closing show 17 May

In PACK-AGE packaging design course students get up-to-date knowledge about packaging design and packaging research and the teams are equipped with practical tools and means for managing their project work and its problems. This year’s theme is “green luxury”. The design teams have worked with new packaging solutions for chocolate, jewelry and sushi clients. Come and enjoy the results that the teams will present for the first time publicly on 17 May 2013 9:00-12:00 at Aalto Media Factory. Brunch for the quick. Welcome!

PACK-AGE is an innovative packaging design course uniting design, business and engineering thinking to project-based learning. Students work in interdisciplinary teams with real packaging projects from the industry. The idea is to use student’s competences, background and prior knowledge as a resource for creative group work. The project work is supported by a wide range of theme lectures. We have 6 teachers and spesialists from 4 schools teaching packaging design from different perspectives.