Peter von Bagh lives on in our memories

In memory of long-serving film history Professor Peter von Bagh, The Department of Film, Television and Scenography will be showing one of his most beloved films Helsinki, Forever (74 min, 2008) in the Sampo Hall of Media Centre Lume on Tuesday 30 September starting at 9:00.

The event will be opened by film director and Head of Department Jarmo Lampela, and the film itself will be introduced by producer Jouko Aaltonen.
Helsinki, Forever is an essay film that creatively makes use of old archive materials, photos, artworks, music, and quotes from literature; it is von Bagh’s wise and whole-hearted expression of love for this white city of the North and the films which speak of it.

All friends of Peter von Bagh, and all friends of film, are warmly welcome!

The Department of Film, Television and Scenography