The project began September 2010 and is ongoing.

The Department of Communication at Aalto BIZ and Media and Communication Studies at the Department of Social Research at the University of Helsinki set in motion the Communicum project in late 2010. The aim of the project is to facilitate collaboration between researchers, teachers and students of communication at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The premise of the project is that collaboration between the departments synergistically increases their critical mass – ”collaboration and cooperation rather than competition”. During the process also Aalto ARTS Department of Media and Aalto SCI Department of Media Technology have joined the Communicum project, as well as the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Helsinki.

In the beginning, a concrete output of Communicum has been the diversification of education through the facilitation of student mobility. In the second stage, researchers of media and communication from the two universities are facilitated to get in touch with each other and outline possible joint research projects and other forms of co-operation. The Communicum project will therefore be highly beneficial for Aalto University researchers, teachers and students by enabling cross-border, co-ordinated and facilitated collaboration in the field of communication and media studies.

During the academic year 2012-2013 the student mobility through Communicum has increased substantially. Also the number of courses offered by the participant departments has been increasing. We have planned a questionnaire in order to develop the student mobility and it will be carried out in February-March 2013.

We have already agreed to arrange two research seminars in the spring 2013. The first will take place in March and the second in May. The registration for the first seminar is open and the invitations has been sent.

Project lead:
Jaakko Autio ( )
Contact information:
Communicum Co-ordinator
Merja Porttikivi

Communicum Project Manager
Jaakko Autio
jaakko.2.autio (at)

Department of Communication
P.O. Box 21210

Project members:
Professor Johanna Moisander (johanna.moisander (at)
Professor Pirkko Oittinen (pirkko.oittinen (at)
Lecturer Vesa Kantola (vesa.kantola (at)
Professor Maija Töyry (maija.toyry (at)
Professor Hannu Nieminen (hannu.nieminen (at)
University Lecturer Saija Katila (Saija.Katila (at)