The project began October 2011 and ended May 2012

Exploring participation and physical human-human interaction in collaborative music performance, new media and education.

soundsCollective is cross-disciplinary project among music performance practices, sound interaction design and computational model of social interaction. The project is a joint effort by the Department of Media Technology and the Sound and Physical Interaction (SOPI) research group in the Department of Media to tackle the notion of participation, embodiment and human-human interaction in sound related activities through the framework of enaction. While research has been focused on elaborating methodologies and creating tools for individual (single participant) interaction with digital sound, an account for the social aspect of participation and inter-musician dynamics in collective performance activities is still absent. Within the enaction framework, shared among the two research groups, we propose with soundsCollective to fill this gap through systematic research based on experiments of coordination and participation, followed and analyzed by an adaptive system. This system will provide scientific insights about the dynamics and emerging coupling during collective bodily interaction with sound. As a tangible deliverable of this project for the education of new-media practices, we intend to integrate this system into a multi-purpose platform for prototyping participatory and physical interaction with Microsoft Kinect technology and open-source software.

The project have resulted in a joint publication for NIME 2012 and a set of experimental tools based on Kinect and mobile technology.

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