New Media for Crisis Management Initiative (NM4CMI)

The project began January 2011 and ended December 2011

New Media for Crisis Management Initiative (NM4CMI) developed multi-disciplinary research framework to study and design new media concepts for conflict resolution. The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), a Finnish independent non-profit organization, works to resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace. Since its beginning in 2000, CMI has been interested in to utilize new media and new media tools to support its work.

In doing so, in 2011 CMI teamed up with Aalto through an innovative study project where, over the course of the spring term, postgraduate students and researchers sought in a study project new media solutions with, and for, CMI. In parallel with the study project the NM4CMI defined a research framework for further research in the field.

The solutions explored were new media tools supporting multi-stakeholder dialogue in conflict environments, systems and processes utilizing audio-visual communications, technics of data-visualization and social media applications in conflicts. Building precisely on the existing research in the field of computer-mediated dialogue and discourse, the NM4CMI –project defined a research plan and a project proposal with national and international partners for further research collaboration.

Project lead:
Teemu Leinonen ( )
Contact information:
Project members:
Mari Tikkanen
Andrea Botero
Matthias Wevelsiep
Sara Jacobsen
Jukka Purma
Juha Kronqvist