Reality-based User Interface System

The project began June 2010 and is ongoing.

RUIS (Reality-based User Interface System) is a software library that gives hobbyists and seasoned developers an easy access to the state-of-the-art interaction devices, so that they can bring their innovations into the field of virtual reality and motion controlled applications. RUIS is available for popular game engine Unity3D and for Processing, a development environment favored by many artists, designers, and architects. RUIS includes a versatile display manager for handling several display devices simultaneously, features stereographic rendering and head-tracking, and supports the use of Kinect and PlayStation Move together in the same coordinate system. This makes it possible to create novel user interfaces where avatars controlled by Kinect can interact with PS Move controlled objects; a player represented by a Kinect-controlled barbarian avatar can grab a PS Move controller that is rendered as a hammer within the application for example. Developers can implement and test their own motion controlled applications even with just a mouse and keyboard, which are emulated as 3D input devices. RUIS has been used to teach virtual reality concepts and application implementation for three consecutive years in Aalto University’s virtual reality course.

Project lead:
Tuukka Takala ( )
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Tuukka Takala
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