Qualiwall (former MORE)

The project began August 2011 and ended August 2012

Qualiwall is a digital survey tool for making mobile qualitative user research.

There is various quantitative survey tools in the market at the moment, but the number of qualitative survey tools focusing on investigating the subjective and describing individualist interpretation of users daily life is minor. Qualiwall provides solution to this gap.

Projects and other situations where new or existing products, services, spaces and environments are developed, or the utilization of them are ongoingly monitorized are examples of possible Qualiwall use situations. Diary research, use situation observation and user journey are examples of Qualiwall use cases. The surveys are created and the data is interpreted through web-service, and participated via Andoird tablet computer.

The development of Qualiwall started on 2011 as a Media Factory Open Call funded project, and has continued ever since. The software will be tested on real life project during spring 2013 and will be ready for sales after that.

Project lead:
Inka Kojo ( inka.kojo@aalto.fi )
Contact information:
Inka Kojo