Information visualisation put into physical form, new meanings, forms and stories

The project began June 2010 and is ongoing.

Kindly note: you can find quite high resolution images via the links provided in the project description.

Original description:
The project investigates: the new layers of meaning physical forms/objects get
when their forms become representations of information; the new significatory
language the physical dimension gives to the information visualisation field; plus
the combination of material and stories (information) can tell.

Project aims:
To investigate physical information visualisation. To this end, the idea was that I would make several different prototypes of physical information visualisation, as explanatory examples of the design-aesthetic possibilities this media brings to design.

Ideally, the deliverables:
Several proptotypes of physical information visualisation, together with write-ups of the investigations and how they contribute to the design field.

The current status of the project:
Of the three different intended prototypes:

1. The sunlight visualisation:
– Is produced code-wise and has also been manufatured.
The Aalto Media Factory has a few copies, including the files.
A write-up of the project, including mentions of AMF’s generous support, can be found here: http://knapek.org/sunshade2/

2. Temperature forms
– Is finished code-wise, since two years now.
– A acrylic test has been made.
Images of this as well, including mentions of the Aalto Media Factory’s support, can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miska_too/sets/72157630557375146/with/7561957812/
– Ideally, the work would be produced in wood. Has been said to be too complex for the software of the Paja CNC milling machine. Now, allegedly, their software is good enough. But then I’ve just not found the time to make the relevant adjustments – a few days’ work – in the code.
– Current plans: Hopefully, with AMF also having a CNC machine, we can get around to producing good versions of this work, when I have some spare time in my life again.

3. More wind visualisations, but with different metaphors.
– Current status: the code is still about two-three weeks from being finished.
The complexity of this project is at the top of my capacities.
Probably this project was a bit too ambitious.
– Current outlook: this will require a bit more spare time than anticipated.

X. Yet another wind visualisation.
– I actually produced the code for another wind visualistion. However it turned out that the output might look good on a computer screen, but would pretty much be too complex to produce, with too many too small details.
– This project is probably not going to be realised.

Project lead:
Michael Miska Knapek ( miska@knapek.org )
Contact information:
Michael Miska Knapek / 050-320 2616 / miska@knapek.org