Light is History at TrashLab

The project began May 2012 and ended December 2012

The Light is History project brought together a community of sixteen families, living in apartments around the Kallio neighbourhood in Helsinki. The families contributed towards the project by sending in their daily energy use information of their homes to a light installation that was located in a public space in Hakaniementori. The lamps of the light installation were made from recycled old electricity meters and were aimed to function as bright therapy lamps during the final autumnal week of November 2012. The participation from the community entailed publishing their domestic energy usage once a day on a web portal that fed the light installation. The difference in their daily energy use was used to determine the brightness of the individual lights of a light installation daily.

The participants also provided images and small textual narratives of their own electrical artifacts from their daily lives and this was displayed on the installation. A shared and collaborative context was created as an energy art space that gave a glimpse of our contemporary life with electricity and also resulting in an energy art space that was open and powered by the people.

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Karthikeya Acharya ( )
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Samir Bhowmik (
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