Researchers’ Breakfast on Feb 11th

Welcome to join us for the next Researchers’ Breakfast on Tuesday February 11th. We are welcoming three speakers to tell us about their research. At 9:00 MAIJU LOUKOLA from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture will talk about her doctoral study on ARCHITECTURE OF TOUCH. MEDIASCENOGRAPHIES IN AND AS PERFORMATIVE SPACE. At 9:40 the stage will be given to DANIIL POKIDKO and GOSPEL OPARAOCHA from the School of Business, who tell us about THEATRICALIZATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION.

Breakfast will be served at 8:30-10:30. You are most warmly welcome to join us to enjoy breakfast, presentations and open discussion on the topics.

Please sign up here by February 7th.

The event is open also for people outside Aalto University.
If you are coming to the Media Factory for the first time, you can find directions here.

AT 9:00
Department of Film, TV and Scenography
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

An artistic doctoral study on performance design in Aalto ARTS ELO Degree Program for Perfomance design in Theatre, Film and Television. The study focuses on the mediality of performance space and experientality of projected image installations – contemplating the mediality of theatrical space/place in the light of the notion of touch through aesthetic experience, sensable perception and embodied visibility in the context of contemporary performing arts and its mediated space. The study is an artistic research with the researcher’s own involvement as practicing scenographer, consisting of three performances, installation experimentations and a theoretical thesis.

Maiju Loukola is finalizing her doctoral thesis on ‘The Architecture of Touch: media scenographies as performative space’ (Aalto Arts), which approaches the mediated space of performance in terms of sensable theory, experientality, and scenographic poetry. Her artistic research focuses on the interplay of virtual and visceral spaces/bodies, including media aesthetics, phenomenology of performance, and space/place through moving image technologies.

AT 9:40

Department of Management studies, Entrepreneurship programme
School of Business

We are working at the research proposal of “Theatricalization of Entrepreneurship education”. Based on preliminary literature review it can be noticed that Entrepreneurship has a lot in common with the theatrical issues and moviemaking:
(See the list of references here.) These aspects are well discussed within the Entrepreneurship & wider Management literature, but hardly mentioned upon the topic of university education.

Our interest lies in exploring the possibilities of use of theatricality and AV within the entrepreneurship education context. Our intention is to start a discussion and attract people with know-how of above mentioned domains in order to co-construct an educational package of workshops aimed to increase the awareness of students with different backgrounds about skills and competences they can develop with the help of theatricality and AV.

The initial research would such combine School of Arts, Design and Architecture (+University of the Arts Helsinki) with know-how and experience in mentioned domains, students from Aalto Ventures Programme as well as BIZ (+Hanken) masters and minors in Entrepreneurship as a test audience for workshops and interested in the topic researchers and teaching staff from all Aalto and other schools.

As a result we believe this project would also increase the understanding of importance of theatricality and AV within a topic of own business creation and education aimed to help people doing that.

Would you like to present your work at a Researchers’ Breakfast?
We are looking for speakers for March and April.

For further information, contact Leena Närekangas, leena.narekangas@aalto.fi, +358 50 342 7114.