Researchers’ Breakfast on Jan 14th

Welcome to this year’s first Researchers’ Breakfast at the Media Factory on Tuesday, January 14th!

We have two speakers to serve us food for thought. At 9:00 Łukasz Trzciński from The Department of Film, Television, Scenography will talk about Neuroaesthetic agents in film design process.  At 9:40 Lisa Erdman from the Art Department at Pori Unit will take the stage with topic Finnexia®: Satirical medical advertising as a tool for political dialogue.

Since no one can live on good discussion alone, breakfast (coffee and tea, sandwiches, fruit etc.) will be served from 8:30-10:30. Come join us!

The event is open for people outside Aalto as well. Please sign up by Friday January 10th HERE.

Researchers’ Breakfast is held at the Media Factory Auditorium situated in Arabia. See instructions here on how to find us. See you next Tuesday!

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Research Institute, Research support services and International Relations.

AT 9:00
Neuroaesthetic agents in film design process

The stimulation of aesthetic responses by acting on the senses – especially on the visual sense – is one of the main components of film. Aesthetic visual agents in the film exploring the phenomenon of the impact of art on the human senses at a neurological level. Neuroaesthetic factors are responsible for a multi-layered reception of art and the manifestation of these reactions. The analysis of neuroaesthetic phenomena offer a number of opportunities to pose new questions to explain the reasons for the strong impact on the human mind and the emotional reactive responses that follow. In composing a film image, from the very beginning, the visual designer’s desire was to induce a strong mental reaction. The artistic task of the designer was to create a pictorial equivalent for various emotional intention, relating to aesthetic states (for example: beauty delight, disgust and mystery).

AT 9:40
Finnexia®: Satirical medical advertising as a tool for political dialogue

This artistic research presents the claim that satirical medical advertising has the potential to generate thought and dialogue with the potential for individual empowerment and social change. The primary method of investigation involves the conceptual art project entitled, Finnexia®. The Project takes the form of a multimedia advertisement campaign for a (fictitious) medication that enhances the process of learning the Finnish language. Finnexia® is meant to evoke an alternate reality that offers an innovative space for conversation about the role of language acquisition in cultural integration within Finland. On a secondary level, the pharmaceutical advertising in Finnexia® presents a commentary on the increasingly popular pill-popping approaches for treating a widening array of physical and mental ailments.