Stelarc: Circulating flesh: the cadaver, the comatose and the chimera

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Stelarc is a world-famous performance and robotics artist who has visually probed and acoustically amplified his body. Between 1976-1988 he completed 25 body suspension performances with hooks into the skin. He has used medical instruments, prosthetics, robotics, Virtual Reality systems, the Internet and biotechnology to explore alternate, intimate and involuntary interfaces with the body.

He has performed with a THIRD HAND, a VIRTUAL ARM, a STOMACH SCULPTURE and EXOSKELETON, a 6-legged walking robot. His FRACTAL FLESH, PING BODY and PARASITE performances explored involuntary, remote and internet choreography of the body with electrical stimulation of the muscles. His PROSTHETIC HEAD is an embodied conversational agent that speaks to the person who interrogates it. He has surgically constructed anEXTRA EAR on his arm that will be internet enabled, making it a publicly accessible acoustical organ for people in other places.

HUMAN DESIGN or EVOLUTION? lecture series on 13.2.2012 in Aalto University Media Factory

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