Summer greetings from Media Factory

Hi there!

There has been a break in the information flow on this list, since our communication has mainly been arranged through our webpages: Please note that the webpage will be our main media in the future.

As you maybe already know education coordinator Mikko Villi, laboratory coordinator Markku Nousiainen, project leader Maria Suokannas and webmaster & designer Anna Berg started to work with the Media Factory project in March. We started by furnishing our working space in the department of Media laboratory on the 3rd floor at Taik. Luckily enough we had some wonderful furniture so we are really pleased. But our work has not only been about furnishing ;-): In co-operation with different actors with the common denominator media at the three schools we have been able to find appropriate ways of implementing the strategy set up by the Media Factory Board.

Here are some important milestones from this spring:

– The networking event on the 26th of February gathered about 200 media educators, researchers and actors within the media industry (see more here)
– Media Factory Researchers’ Forum had its first workshop meeting on 23.4.2009. In the workshop professor Reijo Miettinen from University of Helsinki gave a presentation titled “Distribution innovation and the challenge of multi/transdisciplinarity” and the participants discussed this subject vividly (see more here)
– A workshop for media educators within the three schools was arranged on the 13th of May
– The first members of our Advisory Board joined Media Factory. Our Advisory board acts as an interface towards Finnish media industry and international academic world. Current members are: Pirjo Airaksinen (Senior Vice President of Programming, Nelonen), Helene Juhola (Director R&D, Federation of the Finnish Media Industry), Alex Nieminen (Managing Director, N2), Hannu Olkinuora (Editor in Chief, HBL). The recruitment of foreign members is in process.

Before we wish you an energizing summer break we recommendt you to put the following events in your calendar:

– At the end of August Media Factory’s “renovated” webpage will be launched
– 2.9. Media Factory office’s house warming party (Kippis/Skål/Cheers)
– 1.10. Next researchers’ network forum
– 1.10. “Median murros” BA level course starts
– The doctoral course “Research as practice” also starts in October. For further information please contact Head of research (Doing Cross Media) Merja Helle

Have a wonderful, relaxing and energizing summer time and we are really looking forward to meeting you in the autumn. Remember to bookmark 😉

On behalf of the Media Factory project team,

Maria Suokannas

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