Tea And Fruits

The last Researchers’ Breakfast of the year welcomes you to the Design Factory on Dec 8th!

The morning talks will start at 9.00 with prof. Kevin Otto, who will talk about his work on modularity and current design science research. At 9.30 the stage is given to Miko Laakso from the Design Factory and he will continue on concept decision making in design agency.

The breakfast is served at the Design Factory (Engine Room, Otaniemi) at 8.30-10.30. You are most warmly welcome to bring a friend – the breakfast event is open for everyone. To ensure there’s enough breakfast for everyone, please sign up here: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/E432E4335E324291.par

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Aalto Factories,Design, Service and Health as well as Research Institute (Aalto ARTS), Research support services and International Relations.

At 9.00
Modularity and current design science research
Prof. Kevin Otto
Department of Applied Mechanics
School of Engineering

Prof. Otto presents an overview of his research in modularity, as well as somekey questions in current design science research. Having previously held associate professorships at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and MIT, Prof. Otto joined Aalto University this Fall. He is also the owner of Robust Systems and Strategy LLC, an innovation and quality engineering consultancy.

At 9.30
Concept decision making in design agency – client interaction
Miko Laakso
Aalto University Design Factory

There is still an aura of mysticism surrounding the nature of creativity in design work. Out of the various approaches to demystifying design creativity, design decisions present one option. The design process is widely acknowledged to involve iterating between divergence and convergence. The study discussed here investigates the divergent-convergent concept development activity in Finnish design agencies with specific attention to the decision-making in designer-client interaction that shapes the outcome of the design.

Miko is working on his PhD at the Design Factory. His research focuses on creative practices in the early phases of design.