The next Researchers’ Breakfast is on March 20th

If you are interested in networking with Aalto researchers and professors and find out what the Researcher Lassi A Liikkanen and his research group from Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT has been working on in the field of SERVICE AND INTERFACE SOLUTIONS FOR DIGITAL MUSIC join us next Wednesday. Before Lassi A Liikkanen Sujil Kodathaar from Aalto Global Impact will speak about their mission and work.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is a monthly meeting that presents one or two researchers and their works in the cosy auditorium of Aalto Media Factory at the Arabia campus. The programme starts at 9:00 and breakfast is served (bread, coffee and tea) between 8:30-10:30. You are warmly welcome!


At 9:00 SUJIL KODATHOOR FROM AALTO GLOBAL IMPACT: Bringing people together

Aalto Global Impact supports Aalto University’s mission to change the world for a better place. We work as a catalyst and actively orient, shape and analyze the societal impact of Aalto University and its partners.As a group of passionate people from Aalto, we create global alliances and develop new research and real-life learning environments. We promote best practices and innovations towards long term societal needs. This involves collaboration with enterprises, civil society, governmental agencies, other universities and international organizations.The Aalto Global Impact team aspires to co-create sustainable opportunities for all.

At 9:15 LASSI A LIIKKANEN : Interacting with digital music – the case of YouTube

There is an overwhelming number of service and interface solutions available for enjoying music. There is very little public knowledge about the popularity of technologies in everyday use. In the presented study, we document the current popularity of streaming, internet-based music sources over physical and local media. In particular, we show that YouTube has emerged as a dominant, general purpose solution for music consumption for young adults in a north European country. YouTube serves slightly different functions than Spotify, the other prominent technology does. We discuss factors underlying service adoption decision and the importance of user experience issues for service use and acceptability.

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The next breakfast is on April 23rd. It will be the last session before summer break.



If you are interested in presenting your research and getting valuable feedback and contacts, send us an email ( and we’ll invite you onto the stage in the upcoming meetings next fall.


The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Research Institute , Research support services and International Relations.


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