The Researchers’ Breakfast on Dec 12th

Aalto Media Factory launched last month an initiative to help the Aalto researchers (both tenure and visitors) to network inside the university by offering a chance to meet old colleagues and get to know new ones at monthly breakfast.

The next breakfast meeting will take place on December 12th, 2012 in the cosy Media Factory auditorium.

 Every breakfast meeting will present one or two visiting researchers and their works. In December we will invite two academics to the stage; Dr. Munjur Moula from the Department of Energy Technology will start his presentation at 9:00 and doctoral student Seungho Lee from the Department of Design will continue at 9:45. You can drop by any time between 8:30-10:30 and stay as long or short as you like.

The first speaker of the day:
starts at 9:00

Doctor of Social Sciences Munjur Moula finished his doctoral work in 2012 from Helsinki University on detailed context based service delivery system for the street children in general. At this moment, he is actively working at Aalto University as a project researcher in connection to energy issues in communities. Combining extensive practical fieldwork (7 years) experience and academic knowledge, Dr. Moula developed a service delivery system for the children’s practitioners in general. He has strong expertise on participatory action research, situation assessment, field research, problem-solving management methodology, practice-based research in social work and social policy, and project planning and implementation. His current research interests are: socio-economic and livelihood analysis, institutionalization interaction systems and community-led development approach.

The second speaker of the day:
starts at 9:00

Seungho Lee is a newly accepted doctoral student in department of design. In his recently finished master thesis work, Beef Finland 2012, he attempted to experiment the use of “design brief” as a metaphor for defining the problems of beef production and consumption within the Finnish context. He is continuing with his endeavour to understand further “design as problem defining discipline”.

Lee has worked, before and during his studies, for a number of design consultancies in Seoul and Helsinki, and his former employers include Huno Consulting in Seoul and the strategic design unit of Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

You are warmly welcome to join us!

Please SIGN UP Dec 10th at the latest.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Research InstituteResearch support services and International Relations.