Two international guests at the Researchers’ Breakfast Nov 5

We’ll have a pleasure to invite two international researchers onto the stage on November 5th. First at 9:00 Stanislav Roudavski, an artist, arhitect and researcher from the Digital Architectural Design at the University of Melbourne will talk on PERFORMANCE ECOLOGIES. At 9:40 the stage will be given to Doctoral Candidate Synes Elischka from the Department of Film, Television and Scenography who will take us BEYOND THE SILVER SCREEN.

The breakfast is served (sandwich, fruits, coffee and tea) between 8:30-10:30. You are warmly welcome to join us! We also welcome people from outside Aalto. Please SIGN UP atest by Nov 1st.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Research Institute, Research support services and International Relations.

At 9:00
Performance Ecologies

This talk considers digital media as members of extended and dynamic techno-social performance ecologies. This conceptualization extends possible modes of engagement with media and emphasizes unobvious relationships and effects. Design examples include situated virtual environments, portmanteau narratives, evocative-research strategies and narrative integration of multi-agent systems.

For more information about Stanislav Roudavski can be found on the Researchers’ Breakfast site:

At 9:15
Beyond the Silver Screen: Immersion in Film and Media-art

I will talk about my obsession with the screen as a media artist and filmmaker, how I tried to move past its obvious limitations and how my artistic work helps me get a new look on the age-old question: why does cinema work as well as it does?

It is well known that movies can have a tight grip over viewer’s minds. In film and media research this state is known as immersion: the phenomenon of deep engagement with a medium. With recent developments in cognitive neuroscience we are now for the first time presented with the opportunity to dig deeper into the underlying mind processes that enable our interaction with cinema.

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