Visualizing Locality

The increasingly sophisticated locality is characteristic in digital newspapers nowadays. During the last five years we have witnessed a born of a new phenomen – hyperlocality – where the readers can participate the production by sending news and photos by email or mobile. The latest form of locality could be called ‘augmented locality’ which includes geographic information, environmental descriptions, maps, photographs, videos, sounds, social media and services provided by local businesses and societies.

This research will be executed with students of Aalto University by participating the City Sets Workshop and Seminar in November 2010. The workshop includes observing city environment, collecting visual, text and sound material. The presentation of summary will be held the following week in the City Sets Seminar. After the workshop I interview the students and make a summary of their comments. Finally I shall create different models of implementations in digital newspapers and local businesses in cooperation with Mikko Kuhna, School of Science and Technology and Jari Salo, School of Economics.

The research can be fluently linked to the Next Media project, in studying the changing work of art directors working in the newspaper editing offices and the possibilities of locality. Besides that the project would be an essential part in my doctoral thesis, where I study the future of graphic designers’ work.

More info: Heikki Nuutinen Department of Media (AAD)
Decision: 6000€ (12th November 2010)

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