Want to learn how to make mobile apps for iPhone and iPad?

Come to AMF Summer School and learn the basics of making apps by using the Xcode development environment and the new Swift programming language.

Date: 1.-3.6.2015 at 10:00-17:00
Place: Aalto Media Factory auditorium
Teacher: Janne Käki (M.Sc., Aalto 2010)
Number of participants: 22
Registration to the course: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/08430054F808DDA8.par

After the course you should be familiar with:

– Basic structure, grammar, and vocabulary of Swift.
– Structure of a simple iOS app: view controllers and different navigation paradigms.
– How to use the elementary iOS user interface components, such as buttons, labels, and image views.
– Table views and the idea of delegation.
– How to flexibly define your app’s user interface using Auto Layout.
– Using location and map services.
– Networking, sending and receiving data.
– How to distribute your app to users.
– What is easy and what is difficult, what is possible and what is off limits, in the world of iOS.

Requirements: You should know the basics of object-oriented programming, such as the concepts of objects, classes, methods, arrays, and dictionaries. (A Mac is necessary for making iOS apps. An iOS device is not an absolute necessity, since most functionality can be tested on a simulator.)

Teacher Janne Käki (M.Sc., Aalto 2010) has been making iOS apps for a living for the past five years and he’s now convinced it’s something he wants to do for the next fifteen, too. His Java lectures in Aalto used to be somewhat legendary, and he’s very excited to finally get back into teaching.


For more information:
Leena Närekangas
Aalto Media Factory
Tel. 050 3427114