THE COURSE IS FULL! Want to learn the basics of the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros?

What: Basic course in 3D modeling with Rhinoceros
Where and when: at the Arabia campus, class 891 on Friday 15.11. and Monday 18.11. at 13-17.
To whom: Aalto faculty and students

This course will teach the basics of the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros. During the afternoons we will go through exercises in which we will learn the basic workflow of Rhino from creating exact 2D curves, editing them and creating 3D surfaces and editing them.
Some of the basic commands learned: Line, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses, Fillet Curves, Extrude Curve, Rotate, Boolean, Fillet Edges, Sweeps and so on.

You don’t need to bring your own laptop to the course, but if choose to do so, please make sure that it has the Rhinoceros 4 or 5 software installed in it. You can download an evaluation version of Rhino 5 from the homepage of Rhino3D. The course material applies equally well to version 4 as to version 5 of Rhino.

The course will be held by Peter Kaario, an industrial designer at Innokas Medical Oy. Peter is experienced teacher in Creo2, Rhino and Pro Engineer programs.

Register to the course in HERE. There are 15 places for people. You will get a confirmation email about your registration from Leena Närekangas latest on Nov 8th.

For more information:
Peter Kaario
Tel. 040 740 6804

Leena Närekangas
Aalto Media Factory
Tel. 050 342 7114